Donovan Yazzie

My work reflects the traditional Navajo Beauty Way teachings passed down to me by my parents, who have been medicine people for over 70 years. I was born and raised on the Navajo Nation in White Cone, AZ as the youngest of twelve children, and grew up in a family strong in Navajo traditional ways.  I grew up spiritually grounded, often participating in and assisting my father in prayer ceremonies. I also helped care for the sheep and livestock and cultivate corn and other food crops for the home.

My art reflects the sacred elements of life that I grew to love and revere through spiritual ceremonies and everyday living. You will find references to the duality of life in all my pieces - particularly the balance of male and female forces, which are different but complimentary like light and dark, black and white, morning and evening. They are necessary for the creation of new life on this earth plane and for balanced growth and renewal. Always supporting this dance are the spiritual forces of Nature, which are alive and always changing.

I am constantly experimenting with new methods and techniques for using metal, a strong and enduring but also living substance, to bring the teachings to light. Each piece is blessed to bring inspiration and balancing energy into your home.